TN (March 31,1990 / Connecticut)


Yesterday I tried to commit suicide..
The good news is..I didnt succeed..
You dont know how much I tried..
And cut just to watch my arm bleed..

That night I really wanted to die..
I even went looking for pills..
As much as I tried I just couldnt cry..
Just something I couldnt feel..

Its never as hard as it looks..
You have to trust and believe me..
Cutting can get you hooked..
And left with the feeling of uncertainty..

Or at least thats what happens to me..
I try so hard to die and dont succeed..

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Hello Tiara, such a deep poem, it hit home. You see I was a cutter for about 3 yes, a lot of damage can b done to ones del in that amount of time. The clincher is that I was about 33yrs when I made my firfirst cut. Yes, you can get hooked, I never really ever felt that pain. Just thought I'd share that with you.
Sad, sencere and truthful, good work. If it's any conselation, there are people who do want you aroung. Keep writing, Rissa
I no what you mean. Im the same. I want to die but am still here
Suicide...Lovely Poem, Sick yet full of emotion..I like