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Suicide Bombers Are Cowards
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Suicide Bombers Are Cowards

Poem By Ted Sheridan

It was just a bomb that took four arms and six legs
From nine perfectly healthy individuals
It was just a bomb that took sixteen lives
And left seventy two people seriously wounded
It was just a bomb that stole the parents
And grandparents and uncles and aunts
Not to mention the children….
All of whose lives had been cut short by years
When a second bomb exploded
As they stood by and weeped in disbelief
The dead and the dying left lying on the charred ground
Of what once had been a busy city street full of life
It was just a bomb
But it took a coward to detonate

2007 © T Sheridan

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all suicide bombers are puppets on a string held by rogue political forces, misguided mullahs and misguided religiosity that is bent on creating anarchy and chaos..
But now they get 72 Rosie O'Donnells in paradise.....! ! ! ! Lucky them....! ! !
The word 'just'... the derivative so effectively employed. A stunner Ted. t x