ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Suicide Is My Only Hope

Suicide is now my only hope.
My only hope to be free.
To get away from the shit in my life.
Surly I'll be free this way.

I have to leave this world
Leave it all behind.
Mabey Im a coward
Or mabey not.

I never did have a say
What happened to me in my life.
Never got justice
Or even the chance to say no.

Well I guess I have controll now
Over my life and over my death.
Things left undone
Things left unsaid
Must stay this way.

My family wont miss me
If I think about it
The only person who loved me is dead.
The only thing on this earth
That I'll miss are my animals
Its the only thing on this earth that loved me.

Guess none of those things matter now.
As here I lie death entering in.
I should of known this would be my only way

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If your poem is autobiographical and reflects how you presently feel Amy i'd suggest talking to someone about how you are feeling? It's always worth carrying on with life eventually, it's just when we are this low we get fooled into feeling that everything is hopeless. Look after yourself Amy, Mike.