ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Suicide Is Slow

Suicide is not quick, It is very slow.
Trust me I know, I have tried.
Suicide is no fun no fun at all.
Suicide is painfull.
It's no laughing matter.

Suicide will eventualy claim me.
But to that I am not bothered.
I'd be happy to let it win.

For those who have strength,
Keep fighting you will win.
As for me it's far to late.
Suicide has me now.
It's geared up with depression.
They both have me gripped.
Trapped in the vice.

Suicide is no joke.
Trust me I know.
I have been there.
But up to now
It has not worked.

It's no fun surviving an attempt.
Espescialy when you'd made the choice.
But now I shall be gone.
Suicide and depression have taken me.

For those who struggle do your best.
Fight on you never know.
You may and should win.
I wish I had won.
But it was to late for me.

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It's never too late... Keep writing though. That was a really touching poem.