Suicide Love Note

I waited.
I tried.
Times up.

We had our times.
Good and bad.
You just had to end them both.

I thought it would last.
I really did.
What an incredible trickster you are hun.

Time passed.
Blood, Tears, Happiness.
All for you.
All because of you.
All I wanted was you.

How can such a torn heart
hurt so many more.
Thanks to you
I accomplished that task.

You know what.
I'm done.
Done with the pain.
Done with the fears.
Done with thinking
I'll never meet your standards.

You lost me.
Although it doesn't matter much.
It does to me.
I've lost you again.
This time I don't care.

This isn't for revenge.
This isn't for the pleasure
of seeing you struggle
This is for happines.
For me. To leave you.
Goodbye darling.
It was nice doing business.

by Kristin Currier

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Wow very Strong Poem