ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Suicide My Onnly Way Out

This is my one and only way.
Belive me I had no choice.
It was the only open door.
Im sorry.
Please forgive me.

Suicide was my only way out.
The only door that was safe.
Life and the world wasnt safe for me.
Every one was out to get me.
My loved ones some stolen.
Some loved ones taken to heaven.
Some loved ones I leave behind.

To those of you I leave behind
Im so truly sorry.
My life was a sad story.
It never did have any glory.

Bastards fucked with my head.
They even messed with my body.
I hate them evil fuckers.
But I dont have time to hate now.
Now Im dead I'll huant them instead.

Im so treuly sorry.
I had to slip through the door.
I grew wings to fly.

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