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Suicide: Not Juicy
JI (22/09/1990 / LAGOS)

Suicide: Not Juicy

Travail and pain her food
Tears and stress her daily meal
For nine months as usual
To put out the plumpish tummy
Just to introduce you to a new world of love
With prayers and faith you came forth
With smile, the world accepts
Your world takes you home
And feeds you from the pain of her body
Your best is to cry and ask for more
Your world bears the pain and gives bodily sugarcane
Even in tiredness, waiting, not optional
Physical guardian angel

Change not constant?
Grow as any will
But fail to ask,
Who nurtured you to this point?
Fail to ask,
The length of pain,
Sleepless nights,
Currency lavished on growth.
Never prioritize these
Yet considered to be grown-up?

Consider the wind that blew her?
Where is knowledge?
Like the well of Jacob,
Drew fresh water
No scratch come nigh
What more, blue tike?
Time the referee

For noesis
Pedagogy a friend
There, you pair with peers
And part with home
To patronize their practice.
Ask how you have fallen?
This is it.
A moment of questioning good and bad
Choices says bad
Because All Do
Sept, now strange
Heart bleeds for outside
But tradition calls
A feign to adhere

Perils comes
Like a graveyard
Your heart rust in decay
And crumble with Arabian perfume
Outside becomes obvious
Hard to bear
Decides to ring the parting bell
To drink the juice of suicide
A post of pause

Is that the end?
Poor you,
Is that solution?
Poor thinking,
Is that relief?
Poor idea,
Is that an option?
Poor decision
So poor
Young murderer
Of a given life
See this pregnant world
So quick to end
Where you are going safe?
Problem free?
Suicide perfect?
Where is thy hope of comfort there?

Planning to end yours,
Wait a minute.
Suicide juicy?
Suicide sweet?
Why end what is not yours?
Upon a forest lived a boy
Who was rejected at tender for reasons undisclosed,
Had no place to go but to the forest
Had no food to eat but to sing
"Love come down to me, let me see you
Care come down to me, let me hold you
Help come down to me, let me kiss you
You are nearer to me but I can't see you
Family left me to die, without a taste of you
Friends left me to stray, and be useless
I don't know what to do, than to sing on
But I have great hope in life since am living
But I cannot think of killing myself but to trust hope
The world is waiting for me to spring forth
Even in forest, the world needs me
And I must be out someday but no date"

Seat and check
End life for what?
Pain worth it?
For distrust?
Failure worth it?
For boy or girl?
Think of life purpose!
Think of nine months
Think of dad!
Think of toil and soil you stand!
Think of talent!
Think of what only you can do!
Think of thousands of people that will miss that thing!
Think of career!
It is easier to die but hard to live
But it is sweeter to live and painful to die.

Suicide now juicy?
Say no to suicide
Say no to self-destruction
Say no to felo-de-se
Say no to end and say yes to live.

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