ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Suicide Note

I'm sorry but I have to go now.
I refuse to live a life of bollocks.
I aint gonna live in pain.
Bollocks to those who think I should live.

I was born to be used.
I was born to be a tourtured soul.
I was born to be abused and attacked.
I was born for others pleasure.

I didn't dare to speak.
Only told three times.
Didn't ever dare to grass.
They said they get me otherwise.

Pressure has built over the years.
Eating away at me.
Not letting me be free.
Not giving me an escape route.

Always locking me in a prison.
I was a prisoner of my shadow.
I was a prisoner of many things.
But now I've escaped from life.

I'm no longer a prisoner of life.
I'm at some sort of peace.
Bastards used me for thier twisted ways.
They cant do it now though.

Now I'm dead and cold in my grave.
Still not understanding why.
Why people can be so cruel.

None of that matters now though Im gone.
Im free.
Free from my pain.
And free from life

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