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Suicide Note

The words you used,
those baseless sentences
filled with uncertainty
and ambiguity.

Did you not realise
that I too have feelings,
that I could hear, I could see
all those discrepancies.

Did you know how I felt
the entire time, it was
impossible to stop thinking,
impossible to keep forgetting.

Really, it was heartbreaking,
heart-wrenching. Whatever
happened after that just wasn't the same
for that, it's mine to blame.

I'm sorry. Sorry for everything,
the lying, the uncertainty
I guess I paid the price
for all those made-up lies.

No. It was your fault.
Your fault entirely
for so badly hurting me.

You who were
and now quite guilt-stricken.

I'm sorry,
is it just me?
It was my fault.
Mine in entirety.

Our conversations died
slowly but inevitably,
whatever happened to those
long phone-calls?
Now it's merely words.

This state I'm in,
is because of you.
Look at what you did,
is this what you consider 'unaffected'?

Begone, I shall
and I bid myself a last farewell..

R.I.P my love.
The one you had
known is now long

(farewell I said, as I walked out the door. the very door that you entered. the door of life and death. may I be devoid of love.)

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There is nothing to gain by killing oneself.. anyway good write
Our conversations died slowly but inevitably excellent confessional poem 10++++++++++