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Suicide Note
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

Suicide Note

Sometimes I lie awake in agony and beg for a release
Finally I've found a solution, simply get this life to cease
Rip my heart out and leave it for you in my will
My last wish is to never clean up the blood that I spill
I want to stare up at it from my knew home with the prince of darkness
I'm letting you keep my heart so that my eternal ruler knows I'm heartless
The fires leaking in my new home won't burn as much as you do
I fall into the arms of the devil, dancing with him till my eyes bleed through
I will keep my soul in the rotting corpse left behind bloody in the ground
It will dissolve onto the grass and slowly creep away without a sound
Open up my wrists and let the red flow from the green tubes connected to this broken heart
Slowly part my arteries from my neck and split my throat apart
Take lead to the head and let my brain endure the heavy rain
Either way I'm only going away physically, my heart was already slain
Although the warrior's heart is strong, it can't take anymore strain
I may breathe in the carbon fumes until my conciousness slips away
My spirit may look like it's floating but it is going down today
The darkness there will fail to compare to the eclipse my soul has felt
The wound you've left is much bigger than my small suicidal welt
I won't ever look the devil in his eyes, see the similarites there?
I can't give either of you a glance, I don't have one for you to spare
I'm letting out some emotions before my climactic finish to my  final day
The apex of which were marked purely by an abused heart treated like a stray
This pitiful existence I've lead has to come to an end and is being prolonged by this note
So in order for it to be over I have to put down the pen
And pick up the gun so that atop my blood my body can float
So goodbye my love, hopefully your angelic soul forces us not to meet again   

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