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Suicide Note
RW (6-11-88 / Bluffton, Ohio)

Suicide Note

Thoughts of suicide rush my head
Nobody knows when I’m here or there
A few slits of the wrist and ill soon be dead
Whatever I do, no one will care
I have no life
The little I have I live in strife

No one to miss me
No one to care
No one to love me
No love to share
I just wish I could burn
And still no ones concerned

Nothing but death on my mind
That’s all there ever seems to be
Can’t I find some one kind?
Someone to help me
Can’t someone let me out?
It just always makes me want to shout

Maybe they think I am a waste of time
That I’m just a hopeless cause
To cheer me up, I’ve found nothing sublime
Its all flashing by so fast, I need to hit pause
My chance at a life is lost
I must end this now, at all costs

My time here is gone today
Wasted and tragic
Just lost and blown away
To fix this could only be magic
My life here has been a waste
To help me would be in awful taste

I feel alone
This world is cruel
Emotionless as stone
Am I just God’s tool?
Satan is left as my only friend
My soul is free for him to rend

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There are many poets here (especially the younger ones) that have similar situations with self-mutilation. I don't claim to understand completely but I will pray for you and I hope you find some kindred spirits here. Sincerely, Mary
Hang in there bud. We want you to live not die. Keep a stiff upper lip. God loves ya.