FA (15/02/1982 / )

Suicide Note

By the time you will be reading this,
I would be dangling from the ceiling fan
Stone-cold lifeless.
I have decided to chicken out of life this way
Because I don't have any more reason to stay
My life ended the day I was raped
And I can no longer have my carcass moving around.

By our tradition, suicide is an abomination
Thus, I deserve no honourable burial.
I would be packaged to the evil forest
And tossed like trash, but that doesn't matter
I implore you not to be sorry for me, I will be fine.
I left a check for Martha under the pillow for the amount I owe her
And I did apologise to Mary yesterday for the harsh words I used on her
I have atoned for all my sins, except this one I am about to commit
May the Lord have mercy on my soul.

by Frank Adie

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