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Suicide Note No.3
LT (May 12,1984 / Fort Worth, Texas)

Suicide Note No.3

Poem By Lee Tran

' I can feel the soft rain on my face...'

A thousand tears swept from gray skies
thundering it's little droplets against the
flickering flame within my soulless chamber.

The wind howls like a lost dog in an empty
alleyway, blind to the world in a sea of victims
lost to society's constant pressure.

' I can taste the sweet nectar of suicide...'

Stainless serrated edges numb the pain
of apathetic sorrow, grief, lamenting
love lost and friendships gone.

So many cuts dulls the mind, hardens
the soul into the likeness of it's blade,
as it carves its way with desire.

' I can hear the screams echoing in my head....'

A bed of lies covered by a thin veil of honesty,
temporarily there to hide the baseless
expressions in your lavender eyes.

Why solemnly whisper the vows setting
up the marriage if only you knew the
consequences that befall your actions.

' I can smell the morbid stench of death...'

A dense fog and only your identity shows
the many facets of an eternal demon
hungry for the flesh inside my heartbeat.

Nothing can subside these feelings I have
with your cruel laughter when you press
the knife into my bleeding chest.

' I no longer feel the soft rain on my face..
Nor do I taste the sweet nectar of suicide...
Or hear the screams echoing in my head...
When I'm six feet under.. ......dead '

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