Suicide Notes Are Written

The notes are written,
It's almost the end,
I can't last much longer,
I don't think ill ever mend.

Can't save me now,
My heart is shattered,
My life is destroyed,
And i doubt it could get better.

The notes are written
To all of my friends,
To all of my family,
And to every one that i thought cared.

I could never believe you,
When you said you love me...
Why would you love me?
Im just a stupid girl trying to be free.

I can't stay much longer,
My life is destroyed, i feel so alone...
My bones are week, so is my heart
I don't know what to do... other than cry and moan.

So your notes are written,
Please, please don't cry...
Just move on in life, And say GOODBYE! ! !

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There is always one who is willing to use a neddle and thread to mend your hart nice poam but suicide is bad sadly common
So often we look outside ourselves in pursuit of whatever goals we seek. The answer is in redefining the inner self. Then go forward, there is a beautiful world out here! Take well.
I all the same will write, that you all ahead, the beautiful impulsive thinking removes stress …