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Suicide Number 1
DB (12/08/1988 / Melbourne Australia)

Suicide Number 1

The bills so large
They remove the fun
Bankrupt and bashed I reach for the gun

A secret gate out
I’m scared to shout
you didn’t show it but the pain was deep
You didn’t see
When I was sad and would weep
You would of helped if you only knew.
But you couldn’t see what your drinking would do
The family is broken, broken in two
But who is at fault me or you?

I’m so confused in my twisted head
Is it easier to live?
Or just be silent and dead
I knew how to live but not how to die
But that’s not the reason that’s just a lie
People will morn and people will cry
But you’re the only one who can answer to why?

Move on with out me forget the past
Pay of the bills and do it fast.
You don’t want that burden that I had
Don’t try and miss me
I know that your not sad

There was no way out, exceot for one
So I chose to accept and loaded a gun
No one would miss me
Or notice my death
And that’s what hurt as I took my last breath

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your poem is great d.m. i feel exactly the same and noone would miss me eigther but you have peope to stay alive for, know it or not. you have a talent to explain how people feel keep writing. jessica reeder flamzchick@yahoo.com