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Suicide Poem

My friend im depressed,
Completely messed,
I must admit,
I've tried to commit,
All I need is your permit,
and ill commit,
Lets admit,
Im nothing but a hypocrite,
Think imma quit,
Im probably gonna try recommit.
Why do I have to pretend I'm okay,
When really my world is all grey?
I'm in the rain,
Over and over again,
Chained to the pain,
Fighting the illness of strain,
When all I wanna be is sane.
I have to testify,
Don't cry,
I'm a bad guy,
Im sick and tired of this lie.
Watch me recommit,
I'm unfit for this society full of hypocrite.
I'm ready to die, de facto,
I'm on the floor writing my last goodbye, exacto.
Go to the store,
Buy a hundred more,
Man next,
Swallow ten,
All left to do is to drop to the knees,
Yelling please,
Next moment I seize.
I see the light,
Its so bright,
Wish it all ends tonight.
Thinking bout my family and friends,
And thinking if this is how it all ends,
Then descends.
My feet hurt, my body's on fire,
I'm in the devils empire.

by Arno Nielsen

Comments (2)

Your poem reminds me of one that I wrote a few years ago which is also posted on this website and titled - Rock Bottom.. If you get a chance have a read of it. I sincerely hope and pray that things will improve and start looking up for you. Cheers
A good depiction of loss of sunshine in a life at its lowest ebb, well articulated and insightfully penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing Arno.