Out There Call Me What You Will

Poem By Michael P. McParland

Suicide is deadly,
so don't flirt with it

Suicide is sneaky,
so be careful

Suicide and death are closely related,
so be careful which one you chose

Suicidemay help you,
but destroy others

Suicide can kill
but not as bad as the lies

Suicide is my best friend
that I can no longer hide

Suicide goes good with the blade,
and the blade goes with my wrist

Suicide helped me
it helped me die

Comments about Out There Call Me What You Will

great peom. really like it.
i also recently wrote a remix to a song with a similar subject... http: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/suicidal-thoughts-remix/ this is good.....
your thoughts are so disjointed. no wonder you thought about sucide sarah. make life simple and it will be bearable.
I love that poem. It kindof sounds like me tho. hehehe. so ya high 5 lol. nice.
Thats really kool! I like it.

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