A Poet Garden

the sun will rise from the East and set
in the West; where all the beautiful birds
whisper and sing there harmonic melody
of praise, whistle that call to a memory
of today and live forever

see the sun flower sprouted like Lilies in
the garden of sweet meadow of Daffodils,
and the butterfly and bees love to taste its
sweeten gift of fruit of every days

look at the wind blew its magnificent
humid air; harbor the crystallized pebble
in the shore of history forever more, as
it wait the coming morn of tide, that
paddle into the deep blue ocean of where
its want to stay

the sky showers its rainbow, and the
clouds form a color that the heart can see,
listen my dear blue heaven, the journey of
each fly wait and touches the sky; let us
dream to a place where the eyes can’t see
and a heart that only feels the immortality
of life of eternity

let be our dreams hold a pen, and show the
wisdom of ever learning eyes of the
poet beginning up to the end ……

by Antonio Liao

Comments (25)

Ugh, I love him so much. That's it. All I have. Xx NDS
So much said in so few words. Powerful use of words.
Mine would read: Milk and Eggs are still fresh.
A suicide's note-Does it really mean suicide? Kiss is for love only.Perhaps the poet is referring to love in whose depth he wants to die.- - Short and beautiful.
i killed myself because of this poem thank you langston hughes
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