Suicide Sucks

Poem By Anastasia Mimi

Maybe I can stab myself?
No, hurts to much.

Maybe I can shoot myself?
No, don't have a gun.

Maybe I can drown myself?
No, to easy to be revived.

Maybe I can jump?
No, don't want to be paralyzed.

Maybe I can overdose?
Yes, there are plenty of pills in the world and is almost virtually painless if it works.

Suicide is not easy but if you really want to die, you will brave the instant pain just for eternal pain relief.

Comments about Suicide Sucks

i like gary witt's comment... please note that writing a poem and sending it out to the universe is a life affirming act... go gettem tiger, i like the poem
This poem is horible The message I get reading this You are not well You don't like life
um all i can say is wow

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