Maybe We'll Find Lost Cities In The Snow

maybe we'll find lost cities in the snow
and banished Spring, Persephone-
letting go of all we know

for finding things.
no rod, no reel, no magic seal
poised on the letter of a King

letting us through the gates
where others wait already
friends with doom-

only the let's begin of
the unvarnished page
of the wind;

a few stars crystallized
or barely lamplight
from the long ago

to ease the way.
now that going back
is more than play.

mary angela douglas 7 december 2018; rev.19 january 2019

by Mary Angela Douglas

Comments (25)

Were you twelve when you wrote this It is not very creative.
Those words are me now
How i wish i were dead
Lovely! ! Loved this poem!
This is a really good poem. Side note: I hope you didn’t actually do all those things.
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