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Suicide Summer
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Suicide Summer

Poem By Not Long Left

summers breeze,
hay feveres killing spree,
summers stench of sex,
hope for you is to complex.
on this fateful summers day,
by the stream you lay,
medicated memories,
help silice your internal screams.
she left you,
so you shall leave too.
the vodka runs through your tired viens,
a desperate attempt to distil the pains.
her sweet smell is fading away,
as you hope not to last the day.
summers suicide.
wheres your mama,
if only she knew,
what that bitch of a girl has done to you.
where your father he never knew,
what his ignorance has led you to do.
summers breeze,
as you cough and weeze.
love blinds, feeds and fades.
alone by the stream,
you pray for it to end,
no longer can you pretend.
a summers suicide is taking place,
there is no such thing as dying in grace.
time doesnt heal the wounds of love,
time doesnt accept that enough is enough.
medicated memories are fading in the sun,
as you cry out loud 'she was the one, the only one'
your eyes are heavy its nearly done.
'i love you i love you so',
its over now, she'll never know.
Summers breeze,
mama's on her knees,
a desperate wail,
as she recieves news of your grisly tale,
Fathers frown,
you've still let him down,
love victims suffer,
there's no romance,
in a suicide summer.

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you tend to write machine gun poetry.