ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Suicide Unmasked

I have been to hell and back.
But now in hell I will stay.
As this day I choose death over life.
Suicide has been with me for a while now.
And now it has been unmasked.

It has been un masked.
For soon I shall be gone.
And cold in the ground.
No longer do I live life on the merry go round.

Suicide is unmasked.
It has unleashed it's power.
And taken a hold of me.

But no longer do I care.
My life never had any glory.
Suicide had been unmasked.
At long last.

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Please don't commit suicide Amy- things always get better. You write well. Things got better for me- once I was hopeless and thought I had nothing to live for but found I was wrong. I am happy now- you have a gift for writing- it could be your calling. Hang in there-please- Claudia