Sum Of Life

Celebrate what is known as life,
convince your soul's notions;
awakening again an innocence lost,
living's blathering omissions;
futurity, one's glance irrepressible,
baring selflessness emotions;
tomorrow, symbolic supplicants spout,
spatiotemporal intromission.

Contemplate thus, then this, and that,
mull one without its other;
arriere pensee, Ids faltering truth,
rising sentiency purged thoroughly;
enumerating traits weeping sorrow's glimpse,
touch felicitations earthy;
antepenultimate, laugh's lasting first,
once freed of iniquity's genres.

Viva-voce, thought warily objurgates,
lies buried beneath couloirs;
memoirs so wrote with abject sting,
recombine into life's voussoirs;
collectivized thorns, fear's cruel sweets,
plucked from time's drageoir;
tormentry, chasing breath through tears,
sobbing wet one's mouchoir.

Heterogeneous urgency,
one's coup d' oeil provides an esoteric term;
abience one's confided nudge,
why strive to plunder living's womb;
internecine struggles cease,
life's known soul's grievous summery;
adience, truly accepting death's delight,
on-on, cries willing tomb.

Disaffection, living's handicap,
cruel salacity revealing auntre;
diabolified feeding progenies,
crazed optimates seek accoutre;
dissonance theft, life's dripping thirst,
drink deep the ends philtre;
diastrophism, the body breaks,
each piece, the sum's primed aventre.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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