DW (24th, Dec.1986 / China)


Summer is the warmth of the first thread of sunshine in the morning,
Which wakes me up from a fuzzy dream.
Summer is the first grain of the sweat,
Streaming along upon the ragged shirt from a peasant’s forehead.
Summer is the first shout of resolution from an athlete on training at the track.
Summer is the white skirt on a comely young lady,
Which is flaunting along with the breeze visiting us now and again.
Summer is the “Bang” when somebody unscrews a bottle of PEPSI.

Summer is you and me lying on bed nakedly with all the lights off,
Guessing what is on each other’s mind.
Summer is you and me walking on the beach barefoot,
Feeling the tender touch from the warm sand.
Summer is the sexual urge between us,
Which surges more and more eagerly.
Summer is your crystal juice shot out overwhelmingly,
Which is as hot as the weather.

Summer is me sitting alone before the computer screen,
Staring in absence of mind at the floating clouds around the sinking sun.

Summer, summer, summer is fucking hot!

25th May.2009

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