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Summer 1975.
CKM ( / Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mex.)

Summer 1975.

Poem By Christian K. Montiel

I was seventeen, she was sixteen we love each other,
with no end, I felt like she's my other half but her dad
Didn't believe in our love.
We always hide around the hill right behind my house
You see I was poor and she was rich but our love was
One night, I decided to take my mother's car keys and that will be the worse decision. Ever
I pick her up, she looks so beautiful on her blue dress, we sneak out meanwhile
her dad sleep, and then she escaped with me.
If I would know that It's was going to be the last time,
I was going to see you smile, I would think things better and tears still
Falling between my eyes.
I never saw that car coming, maybe I was blinded for the alcohol but I know is my fault all the way and I know my stupidity end your beautiful life and I know
I would never going to be able to bring you back but I hope you forgive. Me because
I still can't forgive my self, for destroying. You world
on a sad summer night 1975.

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