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Winters gouged me out
from the precincts of life
Winters appeared unrelenting
And I believed in its
permeating permenance.

Life was sterile and
I wallowed in lamentations
I ceased to believe
that summers are ever
within my grasp.

I bled from million dots
in the rugged body
Wintry, chilly and I
became a frozen fossil
That bid adieu to life
Ages and ages ago.

And when I got intimations
of summer I started to melt
Then I became water
And got poured into
a shapeless container.

Then without my knowledge
I got shape or rather shapes
And I appeared in
myriad avatars and avidly
acted out with ecstasy
My chosen roles.

Is this summer also transient
Seasons are transient
I know, I know very well.
But I shudder about another
Winter which will fossilize me.

Let me have a fill of this
summer to my heart's content
I won't be satiated
And I don't want even
a bit of shade.

I want to remain in
this summer forever
Being part of it
Never aspiring to be
a summer myself.

O winter don't come back
Don't come slyly
without soundless footsteps
I will resist to the hilt
if you attempt to take me back

I will remain in this summer
Forever and ever.

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Wonderful summer in million of hopes. Nicely drafted.