Jackets and long sleeved shirts are put away in the closet.
The lawnmower is fueled up and starts with a strong pull.
Early summer gives energy and creates a new composite.
It offers a winning combination for a season that is full.

While planting flowers, the soil parts and welcomes its guests.
The greeting is filled with anticipation and a positive attitude.
The varieties of colorful petals have magnificent scents possessed.
Each plant accepts a generous drink of water with gratitude.

The floral garden provides a view superior to a television with cable.
Family and close friends come over, adding animation to leisure.
They enjoy eating grilled hotdogs and salty chips at the picnic table.
Ice cold lemonade encourages entertaining conversation and pleasure.

Summer is my absolute favorite season of the year.
After it departs, I’ll wait patiently for the next premier.


by Theresa Ann Moore

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Other than prayer, what a lovely way to start a Sunday morning with this marvelous poem of summer. The imagry is wonderful, I feel the warmth of a lovely summer day and can smell the hot dogs on the grill. You definitely brought me into this poem this morning. Thank you for a beautiful poem Theresa. --Melvina--