A warm sun is rising over the dawn, its rays are shining bright
Slowly breaking through my fog is a tiny flicker of light
With nothing to do but lay next to you everything can't be more right
Consume me in your presence, please let this last one more night

So many things I could show you, and as we begin
The sun begins to settle, our time is growing thin
The nights are growing colder, Fall slowly creeps in
Your touch has grown distant, leaving me hollow within

As winter wraps us in its blanket this dark day
I am still cold; I just wanted you to stay…
I just wanted you to stay…

Stay with me, so I don’t question what went wrong
Stay with me, so I can sing you one more song

As snow falls I wait for your call, sitting here alone
Feeling broken inside and barely alive, I now just want to go home

But then something happens, something so unexpected…
A stranger appears and shifts my perspective

The world begins to change as Winter’s snow turns to Spring rain
Temperatures rise and to my surprise, it’s not so cold where you had lain
There is a new dawn to a new day, as this new smile lessens the pain
Birds begin chirping and seasons are turning, is there still something left to gain?

A few simple words can raise spirits to new heights
Another sweet smile resurrects that faint flicker of light
So eager, but nervous, for another unfortunate plight
My heart wants another chance; can you give it new sight?

by Dan Ochs

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