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Summer Anger 1926
TW (28-04-1957 / st. Brides Major, nr, Brigend, Glamorgan, Wales)

Summer Anger 1926

Poem By Tim Williams

The lock-out started strongly
In the year of twenty six
Jack Russia talked of Moscow aid
There would be no quick-fix
The pro-let cult were educated
They knew how to play the game
This community is under seige
They say little moscow is to blame

Farmers of the West of Wales
Supplied the lamb and veg
To the miners communal kitchens
To blunt old hungers edge
Schools blanket fed our children
Our men staked claims on tips
touring choirs and comic bands
Gave their earnings from their gigs

The Rhondda is on rations
of dried bread and bully beef
it's open warfare in the valleys
with the blacklegs on the street
The police have been imported
to try and keep the peace
and Dai Chappell's been locked away
three months before release

Such an angry bloody summer boys
to swim the blackleg tide

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