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Summer Child

In your dreams, long ago,
You have felt it, it pushed through,
Cold wind a winter breeze,
That has come your root to freeze.

You dreamed of it, you hoped so hard,
'tis but a dream, a nightmare passed,
And in sickly sweet Sun of July,
Nothing cold, has met your eye.

You have questioned, and forgot,
Said to yourself, you ought fear not,
And in August's raging rays,
You let the nightmares fly away.

You have swam and jumped and ran,
And played in waves of autumn leaves,
You forgot, You ought fear not,
You forgot the Winter's breeze.

You watched as more leaves turn color red,
You watched the clouds becoming grey,
You didn't know, You couldn't have,
That the Frost is on it's way.

Then in some December day,
You got caught, you were afraid,
Your dreams of yore, have come to pass,
The Winter kissed your lips at last.

by Chris Noir

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