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Summer Cooking At The Baldridge

I must confess as early as now -
There is no Baldridge family that I know of.
So how can I even go cooking?

Not a dish at the Baldridge,
Not a summer nor any other season
Have I done a trial-and-error on any recipe.

I would usually be chilling
In a hotel room like this in Las Vegas,
Cooling off from the boiling heat outside,

Imagining the thrill of cooking at the Baldridge
Amidst all the sights and sounds of Vegas -
The slot machines, the shows, the buffets.

There is a big possibility one has taken my place,
Taken the delight of mixing dry and wet ingredients,
Or even made dessert with the Baldridge children.

Fourth of July 2008 was the only time
I almost cooked with the Baldridge -
When I hung out with Billie to do the barbeque.

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