JG (march 12 1950 / Denver Colorado)

Summer Fun

Scorched and parched from the summer heat,
An airily, air conditioned place sounds so sweet.
Going on vacation from all of these stressful days,
A resort with swimming pools, Jacuzzis and buffets.

As I lay under the arid summer sun,
Relaxing and errantly having fun.
As I espy the summer flowers bloom,
Listening to my favorite tune.

Sitting here with a drink and my radio,
I could get a bad sun burn, I know.
My sunscreen will block the UV rays of the hot sun,
Going to lay out by the pool and have a lot of fun.

Clear blue skies and fresh clean air,
Not any worries nor one single care.
Swimming and playing, having a great time,
kicking back and relaxing is my favorite pastime.

Written by
James R. Greene
© June 23 2007

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