Summer Gone

It's raining.
The day is gray.

by Frank Avon Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Very passionate and soulful song of the heart. It seems to reflect more of life than simply seasons. Very fine, enjoyable poem.
It embraces me with a feeling of warmth as I'm cuddled up by the fire listening to you, the poet read your words to me. I'm smiling and delighting in every word. Thank you so much for sharing Frank.....
Daisies, asters and roses had their day And in the rains must be washed away To bring forth fresh bloom in new springs Just as our lives till the age old bell rings........ Great poem of yours Sir and I invite you to my page too for your valuable comments............
Summer has gone washing away with channels of mud. Very wonderful imagery with nice vision in poem.10.
This is a great homage to summer. At first I was going to write LAMENT FOR summer, but on reflection I see too many sharp vibrant images of the yet clinging season to merit such a sad word. You are isolating a very special moment (and it may be no longer than a moment) when we can still have summer thoughts even though the season has turned. The opening stanza with gray skies and chilly air acknowledges that, but then the poem shows there are still details of summer which can loom into our view. But the closing lines dovetail with the title SUMMER GONE emphasizing how suddenly the first frost will sever what remains of summer. You poem does not indulge in false hopes but appreciates the remaining tendrils of summer before they too succumb.
The rush of seasons end. That'll get a poet in a mood to write. Nicely done!
summer is gone a chill in the air lovely poem