A Bucket Full Of Sunshine

Create your own bucket of sunshine
And fill it with gorgeous memories
Enjoy moments of excellence and beauty
And capture this blessings perfectly
Find your balance in the reality of life
And experience the magic of hope and belief
Create your own beautiful focus of the world
And carefully paint memorable memories
So bring your own sunbeams and sunshine
And sense the miracles unfolding today
Don't feel burnt out, lost or hopeless
When life's crashing waves hit your way
Amazing things happen when we believe
So when you hit a rough patch or pothole
And life's meanings seem hidden or lost
Then create your own bucket of sunshine
And fill it with the power of belief and faith.

Seema Chowdhury
December 12,2016

by Seema Chowdhury

Comments (21)

What a nice poem from a nice poet.lI. I like this type of poet.
The sights and sounds of nature are vivid with color and movement.
The woods run mad with riot! theres something about that line
One of my favorite poems as a child. Truly gifted, but died too young
A plu-perfect nature poem which reads like it sprung naturally from Dunbar's pure self.
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