Summer Love

Summer Love

We both met at a party so long ago
A breath of fresh air was in sight
A moon glow at the edge of the end of the night
As I looked deep within her eyes

It was then I saw a future
Filled up with hope for a brighter tomorrow
We then took a walk through a barren pass
Holding hands as we entered an enchanted forest

To hear the sounds of a nearby flowing stream
Rocks, sticks & stones
It was both of us there left all alone
Just couldn't resist for I had to kiss

Her soft lips with beautiful brown tan
Soon are very soul's intertwined and we were on the ground
Yet didn't want to take it further onto the next level
So we settled for necking and soft caressing

For back then I had chosen the proper words to say,
'She dances in a ring of fire, yet throws off it's challenge with a shrug'.
It was at that very moment I knew she was the one

For I had fallen madly in love
Summer love was the mere essence of my existence
A true real love that would last
Amidst the frolic of everyday brevity

A love to impart to last throughout eternity
The smell of her perfume when she walked into a room
A décor of a sparkling array of illumination
For a man, the feeling inside should have never been hidden

One must first seek a higher source to be forgiven
For true love is patient & so very kind
Created & crafted in by a great designer
My summer love was so very rich

Filled with sweet sentiments of humble kindness
To reflect on the mere beauty of her unique smile
As to know all the great while
Polished dresses with earrings that sparkle

Eyes with blue & a hint of green
I will treasure the red rose I plucked for her
A time before the ocean sun set in
A sparkling array of sweet blissful care

None the worse to wear
A heart of gold saturated with a soft kiss
For I will ever miss your very touch
When your not there

Block parties with the fresh barbeque
Listening to classic music as Huey Lewis & The News
What can end my summer blues?
The soft touch of her present beauty...

For there will never be another lover
Who would never wander
But I'm often left to ponder?
Love that was so tender and never blind

Yet you can't make your heart beat something it won't
so she let go of my hand in search of the world
Yet she was the fullness of love sent down by God from above
Hope we can meet up yet once again?

by John Ackerman

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