BAA (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)

Brown And Yellow

What shows confusion?
A swirling mass of colors
Of thoughts and dreams
Of whys and what ifs
What creates a question
Of what's truly underneath?
Where is the honest heart of this color?

BROWN shows confusion
A dizzying puddle
Where everything's going
Yet nothing stands out.
BROWN creates a question
Of the future, past and present
Where is the honest heart of this girl?

Yet what is life without change and faith?
What is life without hope?
Hope, the color of the sun,
Sun, that shines on the murkiest puddle,
Puddles, out of which life arises.
Hope fills the heart
With a thousand golden smiles
And lifts life out of the puddle
Puts wings on brown confusion
And sends it flighting
YELLOW is the honest heart of this girl.

But even the gold gets lost sometimes
Buried under a mountain of cares.
Simple thoughts and idstractions
Moving fast and fast
Vying for attention
Shouting, swirling, beating, pushing,
Can I ever get out?
Is this all there is?
The BROWN swallows all
And me with it.

There is only One.
Only One who is more gold than the sun.
Only One whose supreme and golden face
Breaks through the clamoring brown.
My gold is lost
His gold was always there.
The GOLD swallows all
And me with it.

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Alex, What an excellent poem, I wish I had written that. And Bob - well produced. Best regards, Sean