It is hope which becomes tomorrows reality
Without hope the worldly life will be in dull
Hope for the best sometimes saves tragedies
When you borrow a valuable thing from someone
We hope that we can tomorrow give it back
When our circumstances are perfectly in order
Here hope have a place to reckon with.

Every moment of life events connected with hope
when you prepare for a travel hope is important
we expect for a journey in safe angle
As well as hope for a convenient stay there
Otherwise we will be in trouble for sometime
Even if we carry enough money and amenities

Hope of victory makes the army wonderful performance
In its actions against the enemy with vigor and might
Alexander the great conquered of the countries
Hoping for a world that he expected to conquer
But midway he was compelled to return on ailment
His hope in despair but he was capable enough to face
His bare hands asked to show from the coffin
Was an expression of hopelessness about the war

What ever we conquer or earn in worldly life
Beware we have to go empty handed in the end
Still there is hope for a bright future life
In the heavens where best of facilities expects
But we are not hoping the other world of hell
Where hopelessness and despair is plenty to suffer

Hope must be for a contented life events
where extreme caution for a justifiable events
Too expectation lead us to destruction and dismay
where hope becomes hopelessness we have to see

As a human being full of life events in differences
We are to be prepared for the hopelessness in such times
No doubt hope relates self confidence to follow
Where we triumph through hard work and self pride
Ambition with a positive hope helps us
For a genuine victory in the events of life
So hope for a best of events and then prepare
To face the challenges in a different worst
Then only there will be no despair to destroy
The life itself is a events of hope we thinks.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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............a super nice write...with beautiful imagery ★