JC ( / Aoteoroa)

Summer Pond

In the morning hush of my world,
You are a thousand ripples from a
Precious stone tossed in the water.
You spread out from me
And gently touch each part of my life.
You surround me with a breath,
Of water lilies, lazy and golden,
Drifting on the sleeping pond.

In the perfect still of the afternoon,
I will find you hidden among the grasses,
Dozing in the warmth of the sun,
Calling me with a voice that only I hear.
You are the dragonfly that hovers
Over my every waking moment,
Touching my dreams with gossamer wings
And sighing of long forgotten songs.

In the silence of the evening, you fill me
As the scented blooms fill the dusky air,
Foretelling the moonlight
In the glinting branches of the pines.
The summer breeze surrounds us,
As creeping night approaches
Whispering to us, promises
Of another endless day.

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