Summer Rain

Clouds whispering by
on a warm summer day
The sky peacefully
...turns from blue to grey
Thunder rolls
in the distant hills
I feel the air's growing still

Cumulus engulfing
the hills all around
From the west
...there comes more sounds
Soon after that
I see the first light
A flash in the pan
...a lightning strike!

Lightning and thunder
drawing forward
A rain dropp dashes my shoulder
Summer storms
they’re like no other
Like old friends
...and young lovers!

Standing here
as it showers down

Warm summer rains
...standing here

by Tygrr Robertson

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Comments (3) the the theme....and enjoyed reading this poem....great job...
i'm a romantic at heart and this poem encapsulates everything i adore.rain and sunny days
this poem reminds of the storm that happen last night. I like how described it and the imagery. I can imagine in my mind happening. - Ryu-Ohki