Summer Rain

Hazy day and lazy nights.
Not much to do, not much to remember.
Head pounding, only one way to stop it.
Another drink is you all need.
Another drink to see you though the day.
Another day, then you’ll give it all up.
Another day, and the need might go away.

Summer rain falls once again,
You know the sun will come through the summer rain
Because you know what it’s like to feel the pain.

Peoples stare at you
Like a monkey in a cage,
You don’t know what you’ve done,
But you know you’ve gone too far this time.
This is your life, lying in a police cell,
Nursing a sore head.
This is your life, but do you want it to be this way?

This is your chance, why don’t you change?
A chance of your life;
A change for the best;
A change for your world;
A change you know won’t be easy,
But in the end
It’ll be worth it.

Take the step.
You have to face the bitter winter
Before you feel the
Summer rain on your face.

© Charlie F. Kane


by Charlie F. Kane

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