Certainty being placed within this heart of unconditional
love, taken freely from another person with beauty and
compassion, fulfilling his purpose.

Being the loving, caring person he was born to be, solemn
and soothing peace filling me with his essence as I live
in the presence of divine protection.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (3)

I don't think that the spirit of spring, the king of all seasons, could have been eulogized in a better way. Every word of the poem (even though an excerpt) stays upright and celebrates the nature in all its finery during this season. Great work.
This is an excellent selection in my opinion.... Enjoyed this tremendously - especially as an excerpt - while other duties tend to take my days away it is certainly wonderful to have the time to fully enjoy the work of those poets who blazed our trails 400 plus years ago.. I think this is absolutely wonderful and quite gay - in the older sense of the word..
Come on. PH, you could have made a better selection than this as poem of the day. Of the 33 people who have bothered to vote so far, they have only rated it as 5.7 out of ten, which is an F in my book!