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Summer's Offerings
( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

Summer's Offerings

Yes, it is Summer once again,
an awesome scene is on display
Designed by Nature's ingenuity
on a warm and tranquil day,

It really is a stunning scene
that no one can ever deny.
Summer is truly majestic
with its comforting blue sky.

An early morning sun rise in the east,
Lawns and flowers covered with dew,
Butterflies erratically fluttering about,
A picturesque mountain view.

A stream meandering through the forest,
And valleys where wildflowers grow.
Hills and trees clad in emerald green,
Adorned with fluffy clouds that seem to roll.

All the offerings and joys of Summer,
with evenings of a cool, gentle breeze.
They are remarkable moments to appreciate,
to be enshrined in your cherished memories.

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