The Frailty And Hurtfulness Of Beauty

Brittle beauty, that nature made so frail,
Whereof the gift is small, and short the season;
Flow'ring today, tomorrow apt to fail,
Tickle treasure, abhorrèd of reason;
Dangerous to deal with, vain, of none avail,
Costly in keeping, past not worth two peason;
Slipper in sliding, as is an eelës tail,
Hard to obtain, once gotten, not geason;
Jewel of jeopardy that peril doth assail,
False and untrue, enticèd oft to treason,
Enemy to youth; that most may I bewail.
Ah, bitter sweet, infecting as the poison,
Thou farest as fruit that with the frost is taken,
Today ready ripe, tomorrow all to-shaken.

by Henry Howard

Comments (4)

The audio talks like a robot in wanted it to be like a human being😒 But i loves the poem☺️
Very good and nice😊
............lovely, my favorite lines ★ A few went out to help the brook, That went to help the sea. Myself conjectured, Were they pearls, What necklaces could be!
Very nice poem. It touched me like a drop of rain. specially the lat stanza. I like the poem on rain. keep on writting more rain poems.