Summer Showers And Dogwood Flowers

British Columbia symbol traditional a coastal pinnacle
day of splendid sunshine showers
35mm loop of a hollow in a small deciduous wood
80 feet taller Steller's Jay nightly bower

Sharing moments of plenty'd natural beauty
breathtaking hesitation advance a frame
Mother's call of botanist tall in perpetuity
set a path Thomas Nuttall 19th Century fame

Tarry a while moonbeam flowers
painters of nature an objet d'art
bracts—white leaves long & broad upon branch like stars
attention to detail artists and writers empower

All about the coast this tall treed majesty
an arbor found tapestry
serenely sight for birder's delight
Pacific Dogwood anchors a forest respite

by Bud Taylor

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Beautiful poem Bud Thank you for sharing Mario Odekerken