Summer Sun, Winter Moon

There is a love that burns hot and bright
But after a while quickly fades.
And there is a love like a candle at night,
That will comfort you through all your days.

That love is here today, gone tomorrow,
Disappears in the twinkling of an eye.
This love is an act that cannot be followed,
And will survive the test of time.

That is the summer sun shining bright,
Fun for a while, until it burns you.
This is the winter moon with its beautiful light,
Be reassured it will never hurt you.

That love will laugh with you until you cry,
But will not last through the years.
This love will be by your side,
Holding your hand through a billion tears.

That love lives for gratification,
A lust of the flesh that will surely die.
My love is a love of patience,
Strong, loyal, and endures for all time.

by James Fumich

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Lovely Poem and beautiful picture.