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Summer Treasure
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Summer Treasure

Poem By Mildred F. Barney

Through drifting clouds softly fall
Dreamlike silver shafts, moonlight
Illuminating garden trees shadows long and tall
Silhouetting shrub and flower
Caressing mysteries of the twilight hour
When summer evenings mellow into night

Creatures unfamiliar not seen by day
Stir, as for them working day begins
Foraging, hunting, most industrious in their way
Fox, hedgehogs, frogs and many busy, other beings

The honey coloured baby toads
So sweet, rest on york stone wall
Camouflaged, invisible they hope, overlooked
Unseen by predators that call

A sudden hoot by night bird, makes one jump in fear
But not for long all are friendly here
My "family" hear my footsteps, instinctively they know
A rendezvous by torchlight, it is me, just to say hello

No giant awesome foe am I, or fearful enemy
Just thrilled some small creatures dwell in sanctuary
Stay, grace my garden, please me, intrigue me,
With a never changing style, perfection
Summer treasure, and naturally, rewarding company

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