Afternoon: Barbados To United States Exchange Rate

to exchange out to
fifty cents USA to
one Barbados dollar....

by Cherokee Akan Ewe

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What is the tone and theme of this poem
Did Bryant really make the grammar mistake in the very first line, or did someone from PH type it incorrectly into their poem bank when they entered it? Correct would be the sun has DRUNK (not DRANK) the dew. This poem is better than the 5.5 rating given by the 31 voters so far.
I liked it very much and indeed you made this summer day of mine even better despite this ugly heat.
I really love reading these deep and touching word, you've made my summer better...
This is the loveliest piece I have read in a long time. Reads easy, paints its scene simply, transmits its joy without overdone wordage. And oh how I welcome that breeze on a hot summer day.