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JT (19-08-1994 / Chennai)


On the crack of dawn, the sun knocks the door,
All humans must never snore.
In he afternoon the sun gives off heat,
Which scorches our feet.
The Sun always does it's work,
Without eating food like us with a fork.
When the Sun becomes shy,
It hides behind the sky.
The setting of Sun is it's duty,
Which gives the ocean it's beauty.
While the Sun is rising, the ocean becomes red,
Due to the Sun all are well - fed.
everyone becomes sad when the Sun doesn't shine,
Even the dogs whine.

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This is like a nursery rhyme, well composed.
Janani, welcome to PH! 7th grade is the right age to begin poetry, you've started young, great job with this poem. Look forward to read more from you. Preeti