AR (august 10,1971 / faisalabad, pakistan)


moving all the time
lovely sun
no matter, feels happy
still moving
ro reason, feels sorrow
but going on
neither tired nor bore
leading ahead
always brighten every thing
without discrimination
sometimes display anger
warms every object
when clouds come, hide itself
can, t find it
awaken up, all creatures
without greed
rain, hot sun or storm
comes in time
after the long day, at sunset
alarm to sleep
morning voice work, work and work
tells the world
everyone waits, at sunrises
message of hope
goes on, goes on and so on...........
have ambitions
never ignore its duty
so sincere
gives colours to flowers
red, white and blue
source of energy for plants, animals and human beings
just imganes it
hardworking, honest and punctual
with its commitment
we can say it
guiding star
examples for us
to follow

17th march 2008

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There is no doubt now, that we have a philosopher in our midst now. GW62
masallah akhi keep it up inshallah!
i like the poem.. it contain the hope for everyone to live. :)
I like the poem. keep writing
Refreshingly ra ra ra! ! ! ! I have a baby niece and family in PM... I hope the stars will guide me to visit one day soon.
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