moving all the time
lovely sun
no matter, feels happy
still moving

by abdul razaq Click to read full poem

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There is no doubt now, that we have a philosopher in our midst now. GW62
masallah akhi keep it up inshallah!
i like the poem.. it contain the hope for everyone to live. :)
I like the poem. keep writing
Refreshingly ra ra ra! ! ! ! I have a baby niece and family in PM... I hope the stars will guide me to visit one day soon.
A lovely write abdul, you clearly identify the true qualities of the sun. I know that English is not your mother tongue, never-the-less you did a great job, I enjoyed the read Abdul, thankyou.
Abdul-Your poem is very nice. I think you can learn to write poetry, if you will pay close attention to it, and make corrections. I enjoyed your poem. kat I am sending you a message, too